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Note: This section contains articles previously appearing on the home page of our web site. They are presented here in reverse chronological order (more recent at the top). The date originally posted appears beside each link. Can't remember where you saw that article you're looking for? Try our Google search feature.

OHS Models Announces New Unit Rigs - Announcing OHS Models' third round of Unit Rig mining dump truck brass models. [posted 12/25/2001]

Boley Spartan Fire Pumper - First looks at Boley's new Spartan fire pumper. [posted 12/20/2001]

Photo Gallery 48 - Announcing the posting of our Photo Gallery 48. [posted 12/21/2001]

Happy Holidays Contest -  Announcing our "Happy Holidays Contest". [posted 12/06/2001]

Photo Gallery 47 - Announcing our Photo Gallery 47. [posted 12/05/2001]

Intermountain Ocean Racing Yacht - Announcing the initial shipments of the ocean racing yacht in 1/87 scale by Intermountain Railway Company. [posted 12/16/2001]

Photo Gallery 46 - Announcing Photo Gallery 46. [posted 11/29/2001]

Classic Construction Models' Caterpillar 797 - Announcing the Caterpillar 797 mining dump truck from Classic Construction Models. [posted 11/18/2001

Photo Gallery 45 -  Announcing Photo Gallery 45. [posted 11/19/2001]

Sheepscot Announces New Lowboy Trailer Models - Announcement of Sheepscot Model Products' new white metal lowboy trailer kits. [posted 11/22/2001]

Photo Gallery 44 - Announcing our Photo Gallery 44. [posted 11/04/2001]

Herpa Mercedes C230 Review - Bill Cawthon reviews the latest Mercedes model from Herpa. [posted 10/29/2001]

Photo Gallery 43 - Announcing our Photo Gallery 43. [posted 10/29/2001]

Sheepscot Announces New Truck Models - Announcement of Sheepscot's latest resin truck kits. [posted 10/28/2001]

More OHS Announcements - Additional new products in brass from OHS Models. [posted 10/22/2001]

Photo Gallery 42 - Announcing our Photo Gallery 42. [posted 10/15/2001]

Photo Gallery 41 - Announcing our Photo Gallery 41 which contains a special offer for a collection of Walter Siebert resin kits of 3 FDNY fire trucks to benefit the victims of the World Trade Center disaster. [posted 10/06/2001]

Ertl Correct Craft Ski Boat - Announcing the very surprising Ertl ski boat toy that turns out to be almost exactly 1/87 scale. [posted 10/05/2001]

Photo Gallery 40 - Announcing our Photo Gallery 40. [posted 10/02/2001]

US Models Returns! - Announcing the re-emergence of Ulrich Schmidt's US Models clear resin kits and finished models. [posted 09/27/2001]

Zycon Models' Caterpillar D250/Klein Water Tanker - announcing the new brass construction model from Zycon Models. [posted 09/20/2001]

Photo Galleries 38 & 39 - Announcing the posting of our Photo Galleries 38 and 39. [posted 09/13/2001]

2001 Midwest Meet Report - Our first feedback from the spectacularly successful 2001 Midwest Meet. [posted 09/10/2001]

2001 Chicago Hobby Show Report -  Our report on the 2001 Chicago Hobby Show that promised lots of new products for 1/87 vehicle enthusiasts. [posted 09/10/2001]

Photo Gallery 37 - Announcing the posting of Photo Gallery 37. [posted 09/06/2001]

2001 Midwest Meet Contest Winners - Announcing the contest category winners from our club 2001 Midwest Meet. [posted 09/10/2001]

Photo Gallery 36 - Announcing the posting of Photo Gallery 36. [posted 08/08/2001]

OHS Models' MT4400 - Announcing the arrival of OHS Models' spectacular brass models of the Terex/Unit Rig MT4400 mining trucks. [posted 08/01/2001]

Photo Gallery 35 - Announcing the posting of Photo Gallery 35. [posted 07/28/2001]

Athearn Ford C Cab Help Request - Request for information and photographs to assist Athearn in determining paint schemes for their new Ford C cab truck series. [posted 07/20/2001]

Busch Ford E-350 Ambulance - Announcing Busch's Ford E-350 ambulance featuring all-new tooling. [posted 07/23/2001]

Walter Siebert Ford C Fire Pumper -  Announcing the Ford C fire pumper from Walter Siebert. [posted 07/16/2001]

Photo Gallery 34 - Announcing our Photo Gallery 34 [7/15/2001]

2001 NMRA National Train Show Report - The 2001 NMRA convention in St. Louis climaxed with the National Train Show over the weekend of August 13-15. Check our National Train Show Report. [posted 07/13/2001]

Athearn Ford C Cab - Blockbuster announcement from Athearn for their new Ford C cab series of trucks and truck tractors. [posted 07/13/2001]

Walthers Kenworth T600 - Announcing the Walthers Kenworth T600 announced at the 2001 NMRA National Train Show in St. Louis. [posted 7/13/2001]

Photo Gallery 33 - Announcing our Photo Gallery 33. [posted 7/1/2001]

2001 East Coast Meet Report - Announcing our show report for the 2001 East Coast Meet [posted 06/26/2001]

2001 East Coast Contest Winners - Announcing our 2001 East Coast Meet contest winners. [posted 06/25/2001]

Photo Gallery 32 - Announcing the posting of Photo Gallery 32. [posted 6/21/2001]

2001 East Coast Meet - Announcing our 2001 East Coast Meet.  [posted 04/28/2001]

Photo Gallery 31 - Announcing the posting of Photo Gallery 31. [posted 06/04/2001]

Photo Gallery 30 - Announcing the posting of Photo Gallery 30. [posted 05/04/2001]

Source For Scale Drawings - Announcing a very economical resource for scale drawings for 1/87 scale heavy duty trucks and construction vehicles. [posted 04/14/2001]

Photo Gallery 29 - Announcing posting of Photo Gallery 29. [posted 04/08/2001]

Lonestar Models Web Site - Announcing Lonestar Models web site. [posted 04/01/2001]

Photo Gallery 28 - Announcing posting of Photo Gallery 28. [posted 03/27/2001]

Photo Gallery 27 - Announcing posting of Photo Gallery 27. [posted 03/18/2001]

Logo Contest Winner - Announcing the winner of our club logo contest, Brad Libby! [posted 02/25/2001]

Photo Gallery 26 - Announcing posting of Photo Gallery 26. [posted 03/06/2001]

2001 West Coast Meet Winners - Announcing the model contest winners from the 2001 West Coast Meet. [posted 2/18/2001]

Boley Announces NEW Truck Series! - Announcing Boley's exceptional new 4000 series International trucks. [posted 02/17/2001]

Bob Leinbach's Truck Shop Diorama @ 2001 West Coast Meet - Bob Leinbach's spectacular truck shop diorama displayed at the 2001 West Coast Meet. [posted 02/17/2001]

Photo Gallery 25 - Announcing posting of Photo Gallery 25. [posted 02/10/2001]

Book Review - Review of Dave Bontrager's book, "A Truck Modeler's Notebook" 

German-To-English Translations -  Announcing our new German to English translations of common vehicle terms. [posted 01/31/2001]

MINExpo Photo Offer - Special offer of photographs for sale by Mark Wayman from MINExpo 2000. [ posted 01/28/2001]

Photo Gallery 24 - Announcing posting of Photo Gallery 24. [posted 01/22/2001]

Additional Reviews Posted - Posting of more product reviews. [posted 01/06/2001]

Photo Gallery 23 - Announcing posting of Photo Gallery 23. [posted 01/05/2001]