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Links To Modelers & Individuals' Web Sites

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Albert Prat's home page - Albert is a 1/87 vehicle modeler living in Barcelona, Spain, with a nice multi-lingual web site

Andre Peters - Andre's web site is dedicated to North American trucks

Andrew Madden's construction equipment site - Andrew's page is dedicated to cranes, construction, and railroad maintenance-of-way equipment; lots of prototype info (currently undergoing reconstruction)

Arnold Tamminga's excellent site in Dutch and English featuring a wide selection of DAF trucks in a variety of styles.

Automobile87 - Patrick Gubler's excellent multi-lingual 1/87 modeler's site

Balazs Borbely - a terrific modeler from Hungary doing spectacular modeling!

Bernie's Bus Page  - an interesting web site dedicated to preserving bus history

BUBmania - site for collectors of Germany's BUB die-cast vehicles

Chris Gill - Military Toy Specialist - offers a wide variety of US/NATO, German, Russian, French/UK, and aircraft models including Roskopf aircraft models

Container photo album - Matt Hannes' prototype domestic and marine shipping container photos

Daniel Keeney's Fire-Rescuetoys - Daniel Keeney's web site showcasing his fire and rescue vehicle collection

David Dowling - David's web site features models of fire fighting equipment commonly seen in southern Caifornia

Dmitry Kalika's "HO Scale Models of Russian Vehicles" - a very interesting web site dedicated to Russian vehicles; links to other Russian prototype vehicle sites

Ed Grant - Ed's personal modeling site focuses on his construction and heavy equipment modeling

Erim Guraydin - Turkish modeler's site features a wide array of his modeling efforts

Fokko Feenstra - Dutch modeler's excellent site for 1/87 scale truck model builders in both English and Dutch

Gerrit Bouweriks' Police and Highway Patrol web site - Dutch modeler's site dedicated to models of U.S. police and highway patrol vehicles

H.W. Goebbels - web site for German modeler and collector of mining and construction equipment

Interstate 87 - German language site; excellent links

Jan C. A. van Wees - This Dutch modeler is a serious crane and heavy lift enthusiast and modeler

John Dovak - John Dovak's blog site featuring his South Bend Southern model railroad layout and many vehicle models

Kai Becker's web site - German language site showcasing Kai's models.

Kurt Hofmeyer - This German modeler specializes in 1/87 North American prototype trucks; featured in many of our Photo Galleries

Lkw - Markus Schaube's German language site for truck fans

Manfred Reppert's Wiesbaden Fire Trucks - Manfred models the fire trucks from his hometown of Wiesbaden

Mark Kulak - Canadian modeler Mark Kulak has quite a gallery of his heavy haulers and custom truck models

Matt Cook's Carnival Warehouse - Matt's site is dedicated to both prototype and model carnival information

Michael Horbelt's US Trucks - German modeler Michael Horbelt's web site sharing his 1/87 scale U.S. prototype truck models - German modeler Michael Scheel's web site with many outstanding automobile models displayed

Oebele Deelstra's Heavy Transport - Heavy duty truck engineer Oebele's excellent web site dedicated to heavy transport vehicles

Patrick Bopp - Luxemborg modeler who's a Coke collector and modeler railroader

Robert Gawel - Polish modeler's web site

Sam Poirier - construction equipment modeler's web site of his models and prototypes

Saurer Truck - colletor's site for models of the Swiss-built Saurer line of trucks

The Modelltruck Fanpage - European Trucks from carriers - Scale 1:87  - German language site for 1/87 vehicle modelers

The Weathering Shop - unique web site showcasing several modelers' work specializing in weathering models of all kinds

Theo Gijsbers' Photo Album - Theo is a Dutch modeler and shares his models and model show visits online

Uli Slovig' Miniworld - German modeler's excellent model site

Vincent Lecat - French web site displaying some incredible 1/87 modeling; some North American prototypes

Werner Kattinger's web site - Austrian modeler of detailed dioramas, many of U.S. prototype

Wiking Collectors' Catalogue - NOT an official Wiking site but a collector who's tracking market value (German) of Wiking models - web site of Burkhardt Berlin, a 1/87 scale crane modeler with many photos of excellent crane models, including those of other modelers - Sven Herrmann's site dedicated to U.S. prototype emergency vehicles - German modeler's site dedicated to 1/87 vehicles - Eric Kersbergen, a Dutch modeler, has some very interesting 1/87 models displayed on his web site

Yumeko's web site - Swedish modeler's site dedicated to 1/87 vehicle modeling

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