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1/87 Scale Vehicle Manufacturers Directory

We are offering this manufacturers directory to assist those seeking contact information for producers of quality 1/87 scale vehicles and various types of equipment. The information offered here is correct to the best of our knowledge and we have made every attempt to verify its accuracy. If you would like to display additional information about one of the manufacturers in our directory, including street address and phone numbers, click on the highlighted company name below or in the column at left. Please be sure and mention that you found the information here at and you would like to see photos and details of either their existing or new products on our web site! Any manufacturer may contact [email protected] to submit photos or news releases to be posted on this web site. Don't forget to check our Links section for web links to manufacturers' web sites!

Please Note: The club assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and will gladly post any corrections or updates that we may receive. Manufacturers shown in strikethrough style are no longer in business; we include them for reference purposes only. Please send updates or corrections to [email protected].

A-Line - manufactures high quality decals and trailer detail parts
Accurail - manufactures high quality plastic intermodal trailer kits
adp - manufactures Eastern European prototype trucks, buses, and automobiles
All World Models - [formerly Ralph Johnson Models] offers custom built resin and plastic truck and trailer models
Alloy Forms - manufactures line of heavy duty truck, truck tractor, and trailer kits in white metal
AWM [formerly AMW] - manufactures very high quality plastic automobiles and trucks, mostly European prototype
American Limited Models - manufactures extremely fine and high quality container chassis kits and tank container kits in plastic
American Prototype Hobbies - manufactures white metal air dam and fairings for Herpa Mack CH tractor and kitbashed refuse compactors (garbage trucks) on Herpa Kenworth T600A or Ford LTA9000 chassis
Arsenal-M produces a line of mostly military models of various periods. Specialized lines include Airpower87 and Armour87.
Atlas Model Railroad - manufactures excellent Ford LNT9000 truck tractor and Pines 45' intermodal trailer models
Athearn - manufactures plastic kits for farm tractors, automobiles, intermodal containers and chassis, trailers, trucks, and truck tractors
AutoMobilia - manufactures extremely high quality photo-etched 1/87 detail parts
Awesome Diecast - mail order source for die-cast models in various scales
Ballentin - manufactures good quality plastic models of Eastern European trucks
Beka - manufactures line of mostly Eastern European automobile and truck models in plastic
Bethlehem Car Works - see Short Line Products listing below
Boley Dept. 1-87 - manufactures a wide variety of 1/87 die cast models including autos, trucks, construction, and farm equipment see Walthers Scenemaster
Bowser - produces excellent Wabash National 53' plate wall and smooth side RoadRailer and highway trailer models in plastic painted in a variety of schemes
Brekina- manufactures plastic kits of German prototype automobiles and trucks; appear to catalog just about every variation of Volkswagen made in the 1960s plus some 1950s and 1970s models
Bronco - see US Models
bs design - produces resin kits of interesting automobiles from Europe, Japan, and North America
Busch - produces a wide variety of high quality plastic models of both North American and European prototype automobiles and trucks covering a wide range of eras
C & D Models - produces scale models in 1/87 scale as well as other scales; C & D Models' first 1/87 products were a snowmobile, snowplow for a pickup, and a snowmobile trailer in white metal
Carbone - offers outstanding hand-built models of the Ferrari 330 P4 and Porsche 917 sports racing cars
City Classics - offers an outstanding model of a 1950s era mobile home in injection molded plastic
Classic Construction Models - produces museum quality brass models of construction equipment; excellent series of Caterpillar models
Classic Metal Works - produces high quality die-cast metal models of North American prototype vehicles
Classic Mint Collectibles - offers museum quality brass models of trucks, trailers, and construction equipment [no longer in business]
Con-Cor International - distributes various manufacturers' 1/87 vehicles and their own Route 66 line of plastic models of North American prototype automobiles and trucks
Custom Finishing Models - produces very highly detailed white metal kits for railroad track and right of way maintenance
D&K models - manufactures a line of oilfield, military and oversize load trucks, swamp vehicles, and construction and mining equipment from around the world - German retailer offering specialty laser cut plastic kits for a variety of North American prototype trailers
Dennis Aust - produces extremely high quality resin cast kits for a variety of Kenworth models and extensive line of parts, cab guards (headache racks), and tires and wheels. [Dennis Aust is currently not producing any products]
Diesel 87 - produces resin kits of North American trucks
Don Mills Models - produces resin and metal kits of 1950s era trucks and fire equipment
Dyna-Model Products - produces metal kits of a 1947 Ford pickup truck, vintage small forklift, and a Caterpillar bulldozer
Ed O'Keefe Decals - produces period decals for various LTL, tanker, and refrigerated carriers
Elsken - manufactures 1/87 motorcycles of various styles and eras
Evrat - produces very high quality resin with etched metal detail kits of high performance street and race cars
FMB-Unicorn - produces resin cabs for European and North American trucks
Faller - manufactures plastic models of German prototype automobiles, buses, and trucks
FanKit Models - offers handbuilt resin models in multiple scales.
Fidelis Models - manufactures a line of 1/87 military vehicles and distributes model kits from other manufacturers as well; offers a custom resin casting service
First Gear - manufactures high quality die-cast models in multiple scales, including 1/87, construction and vehicle models
GHQ - long time producer of the highest quality 1/160 scale models, becomes a brand new (November 1998) producer of 1/87 vehicles and equipment in pewter
Gunter's Car Co. - produced a resin Kenworth K100 Aerodyne cabover truck cab to fit Herpa or scratchbuilt chassis; out of production and very hard to find!
Graphics On Demand - (formerly Ken Goudy Decals) produces a line of adhesive decals for vintage western US trucking companies (many out of business) from the 1930s to the 1970s
Hauler - manufacturer of resin kits and photo-etched detail parts
Herpa - manufactures some of the finest 1/87 assembled plastic models available
High Tech Modell - produces very high quality white metal with etched metal detail kits of Donkervoort (Lotus 7), Morgan +8 GT2, and Porsche 356 Speedster
Highland Station - publisher of CD books on vehicle and model railroad related topics
Iconic Replicas - manufacturer of contemporary North American bus models
Igra - manufactures good quality plastic models of Eastern European cars and trucks
IMEX Model Company - markets a line of limited run die-cast period trucks
International Hobbies - produces high quality kits of vintage construction and farm equipment models
International Hobby Corporation - produced a series of plastic U-Haul trucks based on a Navistar S-series truck with various state logos, a road grader, and a fire truck
Ivers Engineering - [Out Of Business]
JBOT Decals - Specialty decal manufacturer offering a variety of emergency, aircraft, vehicle, and rail related decals.
Jacobs Models - produces resin truck cab kits of contemporary North American trucks
Jens Jahn 3D - produces contemporary and classic North American prototype automobiles and pickup trucks using 3D printing process
JES Models - Swedish producer of resin vehicle kits
Jollyni (also known as Jolly) - produces high quality assembled resin kits of significant sports cars from the late 1940 - early 1960 era
Jordan Highway Miniatures - produced plastic vintage vehicle kits
Ken Goudy Decals - no longer in business; see Graphics On Demand
Kibri - manufactures plastic kits of many European commercial trucks, farm equipment, and construction equipment
LK Models - [Louis Künster] see US Models
Le Mans Miniatures - produces some very high quality resin with etched metal detail kits of high performance street and race cars
Lion Models - produces very well detailed white metal kits of European autos
Lonestar Models - manufactures superb, finely detailed trailer kits, a Ford lumber delivery truck, and detail parts in plastic
MGM Minatur Modelle - produces injection molded models of modern race cars
Magnuson Models - at one time produced a variety of cast resin automobiles, farm equipment, and trucks
Master Creations - produces high quality cast white metal and brass kit of a 1920 Oldsmobile truck
Masterbilt Models - produces resin cabs, resin conversion models, resin conversion kits, and detail parts of the highest quality
MEK - produces a wide variety of European buses, trucks, and fire fighting equipment and North American buses from Prevost and MCI
MGM - see Trumpeter
M.H. Modelle - produces models of agricultural tractors from several eras
Microscale Decals - produces exceptionally high quality decals that include freight company, railroad, hazardous materials placards, and manufacturers' logos useful for 1/87 vehicle modeling
Micron Art - produces museum quality photo-etched brass kits of vintage vehicles
Minichamps - manufactures very high quality Formula 1 race cars and McLaren road and race sports cars
Minitanks by ROCO - a line of military vehicles and equipment manufactured by ROCO - German retailer offering specialty laser cut plastic kits for a variety of North American prototype trailers
Model Power - produces assembled plastic Kenworth T600B tractors with various trailers and cast metal models of modern fire trucks
Morem - produced extremely high quality assembled classic European prototype race car models in die-cast metal with photo-etched detail parts [believed to be out of production]
MotorArt - markets die-cast models of Volvo construction equipment
National Motor Company - see Wiseman Model Services - product line consists of 7 different versions of 1929 Packards
Neo Scale Models - produces assembled resin models of North American prototype automobiles
Newgard Model Industries - at one time produced resin cast 1/87 scale bus model kits
Noch - markets several Audi and Ford of Europe models; new to the 1999 Walthers HO scale train catalog
Norscot - long-time manufacturer of larger scale die-cast Caterpillar construction and mining equipment entered the 1/87 field in 2002
NZG - manufactures older Caterpillar die-cast models of construction equipment
On-Trak Models - see Wiseman Model Services - consists of the former Walker Model Services line of International KB-11, 4200 series and Transtar II trucks
Oxford Diecast - produces diecast models of classic and vintage North American vehicles
Paul Heiser's Models - produces resin models of American and European military equipment from the 1930s and 1940s
pitstop87 - produces photo etch and resin automobile accessories
Plastruct - produces some "background" models commonly used in architectural models and displays; new to the 1999 Walthers HO train catalog
Pirate Models Ltd - formerly produced cast white metal kits of various North American bus prototypes; defunct as far as we know
Plano Model Products - manufacturer of the very high quality etched metal detail parts for 1/87 vehicles
Pohl Modelle - see US Models
Preiser - produces plastic models of European prototype farm equipment, trucks, and fire and emergency vehicles
Promotex - distributes custom decorated, North American prototype Herpa produced vehicles; North American distributor for Herpa
RMM (Reinhard Merlau Modellbau) produces top quality resin kits of fire and rescue vehicles from around the world
Ralph Johnson Models -see All World Models
Ralph Ratcliffe Models - master model builder Ralph Ratcliffe's commercial web site offering superior resin castings
Rapid Motor Co. - see Wiseman Model Services - 1920's vintage Mack, Kleiber and Autocar trucks of many different versions
Resin Unlimited - defunct as far as we know
RD Models - [not currently producing product]
Ricko - manufacturer of plastic injection molded automobiles of exotic European supercars, race and rally cars
Rietze - manufactures a line of quality plastic models of mostly European prototypes
Rio Grande Models Ltd. - manufactures cast metal kits of vintage construction equipment
River Point Station - manufactures injection molded plastic models of contemporary Ford products
Rob's Model Workshop (RMW) - produces and sells 3D-printed models in 1:87 scale
Road Chief - see Wiseman Model Services - manufactures kits for Mack B-42 and B-61 series trucks
Schuco - offers a series of 1/87 scale trucks and trailers in the Schuco "Junior Line"
SDV Model - produces a variety of 1/87 scale modern Czech replicas highlighting Soviet and post-Soviet era trucks and buses. Prototype brands include: Tatra, Praga, Terrier, and Karosa
s.e.s. Berlin - manufactures good quality plastic models of Eastern European trucks and construction equipment
Sheepscot Scale Products - produces hard cast plaster and brass detail truck trailer kits and white metal detail parts
Short Line Products - offers resin kits for early intermodal truck trailers
Showcase Miniatures - offers HO scale vehicle kits using pewter and resin
South Point Scale Miniatures - produces several 1950s style intermodal trailers in cast resin
Summit USA - produces laser cut styrene kits for modern buildings and signage
Sunshine Models - acclaimed producer of prototypically accurate cast resin railroad freight car kits has produced cast resin farm tractor models
SwissModell - offers custom imprinted Swiss prototype models in 1/87 scale
Sylvan Scale Models - produces a line of hollow-cast resin vehicles from the 1930s-1950s.
Tonkin - see Ton Trucks below
Ton Trucks - produces a line of die-cast and plastic modern North American prototype tractor-trailers
Trainworx - produces highly detailed 1/87 trailers (and superb N scale truck tractors & trailers)
Trucks N' Stuff - produces die-cast models of modern North American truck tractors
Truck Stop Models - U.S. retail mail order source for many specialty resin manufacturers from North America and Europe
Ulrich Models - former manufacturer of 1/87th scale die cast trucks in Ready-to-Roll assembled models and kits, no longer manufacturing vehicle models. Founded in the 1950s by Charlie Ulrich.
United Fun - manufactures military models and retails an even broader range
US Models - manufacture clear resin kits and finished models of a wide variety of North American and European prototypes
V&V Models - manufactures resin and white metal kits and models of Czech and Eastern European prototypes
Vulcan Hobbies - produces a variety of vintage (solid) clear cast resin automobiles and trucks
Walter Siebert Modellbau - manufactures 1/87 plastic kits of mostly European prototypes
Weico - Australian manufacturer of white metal kits of mostly Australian prototypes
Wespe Models - Romanian manufacturer of both military and civilian models and kits in multiple scales
Weston - manufactures cast metal kits of 1914 Ford roadster and pickup truck
Wheel Works - manufactures cast metal kits of vintage Fordson tractor and Ford automobiles and trucks of the 1930s
Wheels of Time - manufactures railroad support vehicles in various media
Wiking - manufactures plastic kits of mostly European prototype automobiles, trucks, fire and emergency equipment, and construction equipment
Williams Bros. - manufactures basic kits of North American  prototype automobiles and trucks
Wiseman Model Services - manufacturer of a wide range of vintage vehicles marketed under a variety of legacy brand names
Wm. K. Walthers - produces modern North American intermodal equipment and mining and heavy construction model kits
Woodland Scenics - manufactures cast metal kits of vintage trucks, construction equipment, farm equipment, and a motorcycle
Zycon Models - produces custom built and distributes limited run specialty models of construction and mining equipment subjects

Please Note: The club assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and will gladly post any corrections or updates that we may receive. Please send updates or corrections to [email protected].

Last Updated: August 16, 2020