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International CO-4070 Tow Truck - By Tom Hart

This International CO-4070 Transtar-Weldbuilt tunnel wrecker started as the Sylvan International Emeryville tractor kit; there is very little kept original (certainly a huge understatement!). The frame was spliced and rebuilt, cable reel added for winch, engine added, and push bumper scratchbuilt. The cab was widened and windows lowered and raised as well as a new grille and a whole new interior were scratchbuilt to convert it into a Transtar. A hinge was made on both bumper and the cab to enable it to open. The whole bed, towing assembly, and accessories are scratchbuilt except for the Herpa and Alloy Forms exhaust stacks, the heat shield over it is by Masterbilt Models. Door latches are from Plano Model Products and diamond plate is a re purposed candy wrapper. Finishing details were added like a scratchbuilt light bar, cab steps, mirrors, spotlights, speaker and Ralph Ratcliffe fire extinguishers. The front wheels steer, front winch pulls in and out, both booms rotate 90ยบ, cab tilts, truck tow bar comes off, and car tow bar comes down. The truck is built to replicate a Colorado DOT tunnel wrecker (shown in bottom photo) for the Hanging Lake and Eisenhower tunnels through the Rocky Mountains. The truck acts as both a tow and push truck as well as providing fire suppression with a tank and hose reel of Purple K dry powder retardant along with a compartment for bunker gear and multiple fire fighting tools.

Posted December 18, 2018