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Online Discussion Forum For 1/87 Vehicle Modelers

[email protected]

The 1/87 Vehicle Club sponsors, as part of its membership activities, an online discussion group devoted to the exchange of ideas, news, and information of interest to 1/87 vehicle modelers and collectors. The name of the discussion group is [email protected]. Created and moderated by club member Chris Holliday, the list is open, free of charge, to both club members and nonmembers. The list's charter is excerpted below:

"This list is intended as a discussion group and networking resource for those interested in 87th scale automobile and truck collecting. Military vehicles, fire equipment and farm equipment can also be included. We ask that discussion about HO scale trains and aircraft not be included on the list, unless the discussion relates to cars and trucks. There are other E-mail lists for these topics."

"We welcome participants from Herpa, Busch, Kato, Praline and other manufacturers of 87th scale vehicles, along with home builders and scratch builders of 87th scale vehicles."

If you are interested in participating, point your browser to, then follow the directions to join a group and subscribe to [email protected]. Join in and be a part of some very lively debates and discussions!