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P-B-L Despruing Nippers Review

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toolbox critique by Bob Johnson

Sometimes a new model or tool comes along that changes the way you think about doing things. The P-B-L "despruing nippers" are just such a tool. I had been delaying starting assembly of an even half dozen of the excellent Lonestar Models Trailmobile flatbed trailer kits (check Wayne Calder's review of this kit) because I was concerned about getting all the delicately molded parts detached from the sprues without inadvertently detaching some of the detail as I went along. I recently picked up a pair of P-B-L's #804 despruing nippers (from Model Railway Post Office in West Milford, NJ; shameless plug for some really nice guys).

I had tried X-Acto blades of various sorts, single edged razor blades, and various flush cutting pliers to do this task but had always either "nipped" too close and took off some detail (like those trailer wheels with the gates on the front edge of the rim) or left a little bit of the gate that had to be sanded or filed away. This little tool eliminates all that. Made from a pair of precision tweezer-like arms, this "thingie" has extended jaws that are extremely sharp that you can get down around the sprue to get right next to where the gate attaches to the part. One little snip and your gate connection is cut flush. Done correctly, there is absolutely no cleanup of the part required. This little tool greatly reduces the amount of time required to detach finely detailed parts from their sprues. Highly recommended, they are available in four styles (#801, #802, #803, #804). Do not be scared by the price; they retail for about $22.00 each but I guarantee you'll never regret your purchase. I have since bought a second #804 just in case they ever stop making them; I don't ever want to be modeling without them!

Available directly from P-B-L's web site or the above mentioned Model Railway Post Office (800-328-6776); tell them we sent you!

Bob Johnson