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1976 FMC Model 12 Street Sweeper - By David Flynn

David Flynn recently finished this 1976 FMC Model 12 street sweeper. He had been working on it sporadically since last May. Most of it is a 3D print that took dozens of hours to get the shapes right. The wheels, seats, steering wheels, mirrors, and beacon light are from David's parts boxes. The cab roof, hopper doors, dirt board, and clearance lights are made from sheet plastic. The pickup broom is made from a wood dowel. The decals are homemade on an ink jet printer. The model is painted in Testors acrylic flat white and mix of Testors flat OD green and flat olive drab.

David says that overall, he is not very happy with how it turned out but submitted these photos with hope that they will inspire modelers to try something different. He says he learned a lot along the way and hopefully the next model will be better. We think, all things considered, with the inherent issues involved with the 3D printing process used, this turned out to be a remarkable and very unique model.

Posted February 6, 2019