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GMC Astro 9500 Truck Tractor - By Jim Groeneweg

This beautiful GMC Astro 9500 truck tractor by Jim Groeneweg represents an extensive rebuild of a Lindberg kit built in the mid '80s. The chassis remains the same as the original model along with fuel tanks that were scratchbuilt of aluminum tubing, six spoke Lee Town drive axle wheels (just re-painted), with A-Line Alcoa aluminum wheels now on the front replacing the Lee Town steel wheels, and air breather and exhaust re-used from the original build. The cab was stripped down, sun visor added, and repainted in the factory #82 three tone brown PSC option, and made to tilt. An awesome Ralph Ratcliffe Models 8V Detroit Diesel was modified to an 8V92TA “Silver 92” and placed into the frame rails (the reason for tilting the cab), exhaust (with Masterbilt Models heat shield), and air intake details added, stainless rear fenders from K&S sheet stock, mirrors, grab handles, and wipers all from brass rod and staples. The massive windshield was replaced using a blister pack to get the curve and flush mount and air horns from Herpa sit over the existing slots from the original undersized horns. Here is a link to the build:

Posted October 7, 2017