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Hulcher Enterprises Caterpillar Sideboom Wreck Crawlers - By Dan Goins

Dan Goins started with a pair Overland Models 1/87 scale brass pipelayer models to create these Hulcher Enterprises railroad wreck crawler/dozers. Both models were painted in genuine Caterpillar Highway Yellow. Dan removed the rear hitches, added Custom Finishing winch kits, an NZG main block, front chain hanger racks, customized AMM tool baskets, hand tool details, three sizes of brass chains, 1mm light lenses front and rear, and welding bottles with stand. Dan custom built the ROPS, tarp covers, and used stainless steel wire for fixed rigging. Dan kept the smaller original block as a detail part. Custom decals were utilized to finish the models.

Posted September 24, 2017