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Autocar DC102 Heavy Duty Truck Tractor - By Jim Reid

Jim Reid calls his big planetary drive equipped Autocar DC102 a "Frankentruck." The model started out as a Sheepscot Models resin casting (for the cab); Jim painted it and the fenders broke off while masking for the second color. He went to the parts box and found an Alloy Forms fenders and hood so he stripped the paint and cut the hood off. He then mated the two and repainted. The model has Don Mills Models front wheels and a Ralph Ratcliffe Models rear planetary drive axle set and tires. The frame is scratchbuilt with Ratcliffe suspension, Dennis Aust fuel tanks, and rear frame risers. Ivers Engineering supplied the air cleaner and air horns and Jim added 3D printed Luberfiner external oil filter.

Posted April 7, 2017