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Freightliner M2 Crew Cab Truck Tractor & Horse Trailer - By Jim Groeneweg

This Freightliner M2 resin cab was derived from the earlier Jacobs Models release M2 regular cab; two cabs were joined together for the basic “stretch” and plenty of bodywork later and some scratchbuilt skirting (battery box fuel tank covers) for this rendition. The interior is from a Boley International 4400 extended for the rear seating and a windshield from the same was filed to fit and flush mounted. To complement this hauler, a highly modified Boley tow truck body was reworked to produce this bed. Atlas wheels from the GMC step van where “chromed” with Alclad and fitted up to finish it off, paint being a gold “cocktail” mix in base/clear auto paint. The trailer is one of Peter Allneider of Pitschs Trucker Shop, assembled and then rounding off all the corners to improve the seams, painted in a 1968 GM Truck color with “stainless” sides and wheel flares achieved with Bare Metal Foil. Wheels supplied with kit were finished in Alclad.

Posted January 8, 2017