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Hendrickson Tractor & Trailer - By Thomas Lange

Thomas Lange put quite a bit of effort into restoring this Hendrickson tractor from the '50s. The trailer is a modified Mattel model. On the tractor's front you might recognize the RELAY plate instead of the Hendrickson logo. The original Matchbox model was combined with two van trailers (hard to find and pretty expensive). Thomas theorizes:

"When this tractor was brand new it pulled turnpike-doubles for Cooper-Jarrett (compare to book by Ronald Adams, 100 Years of Semi Trucks, Motor Books Inc. / Crestline, page 161 upper left). After the end of this trucking pioneer's career, a California fruit farmer bought the tractor and kept the front plate as reminiscent of the 'Route of Relay'."

Posted June 21, 2002