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Unit Rig M200 & MT4400 - By Heinz-Herbert Cohrs

The model on the right above will be familiar to some of you as one of the OHS Models Terex-Unit Rig MT4400 brass models. Those who have seen them know these are some spectacularly detailed brass models. The model on the left is a scratchbuilt model built by a 17 year old from 1/2 mm thick aluminum sheet stock. Even more remarkable is that this model was built 30 years ago!!!!

This very impressive model was built by Heinz-Herbert Cohrs (known as Emmo by his friends), the author of "Machinery In Miniature" published by KHL Group (available from Classic Construction Models). The M200 model was featured in the book, on page 165, Picture #416. Built it in 1972, when Emmo was 17 years old, it was built from original literature, photos, and films by Unit Rig that he received. It is made completely of sheet aluminium because thin plastic sheets where not available for modelers some 30 years ago. The tires are taken from a 1/43 scale Dinky Toys rocket transporter and therefore does not look very good to fit a huge dump truck (according to Emmo).

And some information of the original M-200s: These were in 1968 the first trucks to pass the "magic" 200 short tons limit. Lots of others were inspired to follow such as Wabco, Dart, VCON, Terex with the 33-19 Titan. After tire heat problems in warm California the first M-200 fleet was moved to colder Canada for coal mining. The trucks were a huge success: In 1976 alone some 84 M-200s were sold to Siberian coal mining in Yakutsk. Look to Emmo's book "500 Years of Earthmoving" for additional information of the M-200.

Posted March 7, 2002