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"Needlenose" Kenworth & Lowboy - By Dennis Raper

Dennis Raper built this heavy rig starting with an Ulrich '53 Kenworth to which he added an interior and windhsield. Dennis also built the headache rack from styrene, mirror brackets and grab handles from desktop staples, and added some scale chain on the bumper and passenger step. The air horn is from an Athearn Freightliner, the fifth wheel from an Ivers model, and the radiator gaurd is a piece of screen from K&S Engineering. The entire unit is weathered with chalk powders. The lowboy trailer is scratchbuilt from styrene and some wood that Dennis cut on a tablesaw. The dozer is the First Gear International TD-25. He added the limb-risers on the dozer's cab and built a Rome KG tree shearing blade from styrene. The cutting edge of the blade is a razor blade from a utility knife that he cut to size with a Dremel tool. It's also weathered with paint and chalk powders. The blade is common on a lot of clearing jobs such as power line rights of way and used extensively for clearing land after logging has been performed and needs preparation for replanting.

Posted September 12, 2009