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Allied Auto Group Transporter - By Ian Campbell Jr.

Ian Campbell detailed a Walther's Ford LNT 9000 auto carrier. He chose to model an Allied Automotive Group unit as his father works for them. This truck has scratchbuilt mirrors and ladders on the sides of the cab head rack. He also scratchbuilt the exhaust stack out of aluminum tubing in two diameters. The air horns are represented on this model the way they are mounted for Canadian practices. The tractor was painted white using Polly Scale Arctic White and the lime green was a mixture or light green with a few drops of white added. Ian used Testor's Model Flex for the trailer and head rack. The lettering was done on an ink jet printer on plain white paper. The load is a five car NASCAR load from Malibu Winners Circle edition and a Wiking Buick Grand National as a pace car.

Posted May 24, 2009