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1930 Euclid Dump Truck - By Randy Sawyer

Recently, Randy found several photos of vintage Euclid trucks in various places. He took some of the elements of each and scratchbuilt this version of a 1930 Euclid Dump Truck. The wheel rims needed to be built from scratch using styrene and plastic tubing. Tires were from a Jordan American LaFrance Pumper. These were no problem as they came out of the parts box.  It was necessary to file out the centers of the tires to accept the bigger rims. The model was built mostly with styrene, but brass was used for the fenders and the roof of the cab. One of the photos showed an open engine compartment, so the model was built without an engine cover. Humbrol Enamels were used to paint the model, and the driver/passenger figures are by Preiser but repainted.

Posted November 25, 2007