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1926 Kleiber Stake Truck - By Randy Sawyer

Randy says he started on this model of a 1926 Kleiber Truck after lunch on the last Friday in July 2006, worked all day Saturday, and finished Sunday morning, spending 15 hours on the project. He had found a picture of a vintage 1926 Kleiber truck on the internet like this one, and thought it woud make an interesting model. The photo looked as if the truck had been out in the sun since then and left there to deteriorate. The model was scratchbuilt with styrene, brass sheet, brass wire, and some paint-stained scale lumber. Weathering was done by first painting with thinned down Humbrol enamels and then brushing with brown and yellow dry paint pigments, charcoal powder, and a little zip texturing.

Posted August 5, 2007