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1925 Autocar - By Randy Sawyer

The local truck mechanic is working late one Saturday night at Randy's Garage. A customer drives up with a "must have" repair before morning. "Well, if it's an emergency...," says the mechanic. "This is an emergency!" shouts the customer. "I've got to be in Flagstaff by morning." "I'll take care of it," replies the repair man.

This model of a 1925 Autocar is a close replica of the original 1-1/2 Ton Autocar made in 1925 and photographed on a diorama Randy built in 1975. The inspiration for the model came from an out of print book, "Handbook of Automobiles 1925-1926." Styrene, brass, and scale lumber were used in the construction and Humbrol enamels were used to paint the model and stain the cargo box. Wheels came from a Snapperroo old timer car model of the 1970s.

Posted May 1, 2005