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New York City Emergency Vehicles - By Geraint Roberts

Here's another view of "Lunchtime in New York," a small diorama featuring a two story, brick deli on a busy New York City street corner. Officers from the N.Y.P.D. and N.Y.S.P. meet their paramedic colleagues from the F.D.N.Y. for a break while firefighters in a 1993 Seagrave engine respond on yet another run. The building is a Smalltown U.S.A. plastic kit with figures from Preiser and vehicles from Boley, Busch and Trident. The signs on the deli were made using a PC and printer. Geraint's father (an experienced modeler) scratchbuilt the advertising sign to hide a gap between the roof and the end wall; he also showed Geraint how to weather the building and road using chalk and paint. This is the first proper diorama Geraint's made and the first time he's photographed models using digital photography. Also shown in Photo Gallery 190.

Posted April 9, 2004