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Chevrolet 3500HD 4X4 Dump Truck & Landscape Mower - By Todd Terpstra

This is a Trident Chevy pickup converted to a 4X4 3500HD dump truck model by Todd Terpstra. This vehicle serves with the public works parks department on Todd's train layout. He started with the Trident Chevy pickup, removed the bed and extended the frame by 1-1/2 feet, scratchbuilt a 4X4 suspension and added a chain box and a battery/hydraulic box. The dump bed is scratchbuilt from sheet styrene with scale lumber side extenders. Paint is a 30 to 1 mix of  Testor's Insignia Yellow and Insignia Red. Decals are a mix of Microscale and Roco. Plano Model Products running boards and Lonestar tail and running lights are some of the fine details. The 16' trailer is scratchbuilt from sheet styrene with a wood floor and etched brass tailgate. The 48" deck mower is also scratchbuilt. Note the "weedwhackers" in front of the mower! For another view, check Photo Gallery 43.

Posted March 15, 2000