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Wm. K Walthers has announced a new run of SceneMaster International trucks painted white and including MoW decals for many popular railroads. Earlier Athearn announced new production runs of their Ford C beverage trucks and 40' ocean containers. Check out all the available details in our February New Products.

The feature photo for our Photo Gallery 705 is a very impressive Kenworth "Needle Nose" truck tractor model built from the recently introduced Don Mills kit. Chester executed an extraordinary build on this kit and staged this remarkable photo to showcase it. We want to welcome first-time contributor Joe Skomorucha and David Brookey debuting in this Photo Gallery! Check out all the details of Chester's latest model and view all the great models in our Photo Gallery 705! [posted 02/17/2017]

Model Freightways March 2017 Issue Released

The latest issue of Model Freightways (#60) released contains a tribute to Fred Gruin, Spector Motor Service of the fifties, a day in the life of a Wal-Mart dedicated driver, and much more. Also in the March issue is a nice change of pace article that features a miniature doll and doll house collection in miniature with a story 'A Trucker's Dream' that ties into the theme of the publication. The details are exceptional. [posted 02/18/2017]

Who We Are, What We Do

The 1/87 Vehicle Club was established to promote the construction, use, and manufacture of prototypically accurate scale vehicle and equipment models specifically in 1/87 (HO) scale. 1/87 scale is most commonly referred to as "HO" scale because this is the scale of HO gauge model trains, by far the most popular scale for railroad modeling.

Our club assists in the exhibition, promotion, manufacturing, and production research of vehicles of all kinds in 1/87 (HO) scale. This web site and associated events are the place to meet and communicate with other people who are passionate about your hobby.

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The highlight photo for our Photo Gallery 704 is a very unique Mack FR600 model built exclusively for the market "Down Under." This New Zealand prototype model is from Kiwi modeler Ray Foot. Accompanying Ray's special Mack is another great collection of 1/87 scale models from around the world. Read all the details of Ray's unique model and check out all the great models in our Photo Gallery 704! [posted 01/15/2017]

The feature photo for our Photo Gallery 703 is an amazing and unique Freightliner M2 Business Class crew cab truck tractor pulling an equally unique horse trailer. We also have another great collection of 1/87 scale models from around the world. Read all the details of Jim Groeneweg's classy models and check out all the great models in our Photo Gallery 703! [posted 01/08/2017]

Our Photo Gallery 702 highlight photo is another Alaskan oilfield diorama photo from Günter Storch. We have another great collection of 1/87 scale models from around the world posted for your enjoyment. We wish all of you a very joyous holiday season and a very prosperous new year! Check out all the great models in our Photo Gallery 702! [posted 12/24/2016]

We continue to update the Classic Mint Collectibles web site as we uncover more photos, some never before published. This is another of the projects we've recently completed, an archival web site for Classic Mint Collectibles. In case you're a recent "convert" to 1/87 scale or have only recently discovered our web site, Classic Mint Collectibles produced some of the most exquisite museum quality brass models of HO scale Peterbilt trucks, Komatsu and John Deere mining and construction equipment, and Talbert lowboy and Heil pneumatic bulk trailers from 2003 through 2009. Having been involved in the research and development of these models we feel uniquely qualified to keep the brand at the forefront of any discussion regarding high quality models in 1/87 scale. We'll be adding to the site and doing all we can to keep the content fresh so please check it out. We hope you enjoy the site! [posted 08/02/2013]

We invite you to check out the N Scale Vehicle Association's latest web site updates. Trainworx continues to announce a wide range of modern truck tractors and trailer in addition to the five new N scale tractor-trailer models based on movies and TV shows shown previously. Based on the photos these are going to be outstanding models and adds sorely needed North American prototype variety to N scale layouts and collections! Check it out!

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