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2000 Chicago Hobby Show - New Products

This are our photos of the NEW PRODUCTS displayed at the 2000 Chicago Hobby Show! Click on the pictures below to see a larger view; caution, some of these files are fairly large!
IMEX Peterbilt with low side bed. IMEX Peterbilt with fire fighting body. IMEX Peterbilt with tank body.
IMEX Ford with crane body. IMEX Peterbilt with van body. IMEX Ford with tank body.
Wiking's new Claas Lexion 480 harvester. Resin Unlimited's log loaders have been upgraded with soft, flexible "rubber" tires. The Prentice tree feller/buncher (I think) in the works from Resin Unlimited.
Resin Unlimited is now offering photo-etched stainless "slam locks" in round and rectangular (shown above) styles. Also shown are their resin five hole disc wheels.


Resin Unlimited's "not quite ready for prime time" lowboy trailer. Shown is a 3 axle prototype. Production model is expected to be a 4 axle version. Expected to feature laser cut wooden decking, detachable gooseneck, and low profile tires!! This tractor trailer combination mates a Don Mills Mack LJ tractor with an On Trak 28' trailer. Both produced by Resin Unlimited.
Don Mills Models' Mack LJ in resin. Model Power's U.S. Army tow truck based on their Kenworth T600B. Model Power's gasoline tanker in Shell Oil colors.
Classic Metal Works' new 1953 White 3000 with dump body. Classic Metal Works' new 1953 White 3000 with van body. Overland Models displayed this Union Pacific Railroad wreck bulldozer.

1957 Chrysler 300C from Classic Metal Works. 1958 Chevrolet Impala from Classic Metal Works. Jindo-built 53' StackTrain domestic corrugated side containers from Athearn.

The ill-fated Great Lakes ore freighter "Edmund Fitzgerald" by Resin Unlimited in 1/87 scale. An extraordinary model! Looks like the start of a usable container ship!

1950 Chevrolet pickup with fire fighting apparatus. M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank from the Boley military line.
M3/M2 Bradley IFV (left) and  MRLS Rocket Launcher from the Boley military line. HEMTT 10T Army trucks from the Boley military line.
HEMTT Transporter and M939 5T truck from the Boley military line. M109 Howitzers from the Boley military line.