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2003 National Convention New Products Report

This New Product Report from the 2003 National Convention is brought to you by Todd Terpstra. Todd took all the photos below and on the individual detail pages unless otherwise noted. Special thanks to Todd for his help on composing the report (below the photographs) and taking these great photographs! Click on any of the photos below for a larger view.


An interesting announcement at the conference came from A-Line in the form of roof mounted air shields. Many of us have been clamoring for air foils for some day cabs currently offered in our scale. It looks like A-Line has heard and responded with an announcement that they intend to procure air foils for the Promotex Ford Aeromax and Promotex Mack CH trucks. A 90 day target has been announced for delivery to retailers. The air foils will be molded in resin. Beautifully detailed pre-production samples were shown at both the conference and at the show.


Athearn’s retooled Freightliner COE was displayed. Improvements include flush mounted windshield, separately molded wipers, full interior, mudflaps, mirrors, and air foils. A large variety of road names were displayed with beautiful pad printing and finished in Athearn's typical high quality.

Also displayed were a large variety of the new 28’ and 48’ trailers including the parcel containers and parcel 40’ van trailer. Again, all trailers shown had beautifully executed printing and paint. These will be an excellent addition to the growing list of Athearn Ready-To-Roll products.

The star of the press release appeared to be the new Athearn Ford C open cab fire engine with KME pumper body. Everyone present was awed by the exquisite detail, printing and finish. Athearn has definitely hit a grand slam with this truck! Keep ‘em coming Athearn! The next release will include 5 new fire trucks painted for the cities of Washington, D.C., Boston, San Francisco, Detroit, and Chicago.

The newest batch of Ford C cab tractors was shown with the newest releases of 28’ wedge trailers. Again, a variety of road names along with Athearn’s superior paint finish and graphics complement these fine Ready-To-Roll trucks.


Boley’s newest offering in its International Truck lineup was shown at the conference. The International 7600s shown included major improvements to previous offerings in both the International and GMC lines. These improvements include a separately molded plastic grille and headlight assembly, bumper and visor. These improvement should satisfy modelers who wish to strip and apply their own paint schemes to these great trucks. Also, the International logos have been left off the doors of these new offerings. Well done, Boley!

C in C Precision Casting

CinC’s website is currently up and sales of the ’74 Chevrolet white metal truck kit are being conducted as well. Get ‘em while they’re hot! Check it out at

Classic Mint Collectibles

CMC is steadily working on completion of their announced Peterbilt 379 and Talbert lowboy brass models. A pre-production sample of the Cummins engine to be powering the Pete was passed around and all saw the incredible detail and perfect dimensions of this brass powerplant. If the truck and trailer itself hold even half the detail of this tiny engine, it will be an amazing model.

The Pete/Talbert models will be offered in day cab form in either red or blue. Plans are being made to offer the Peterbilt 379 tractor alone with a high-top sleeper arrangement. Also announced at the conference was the fact that CCM has acquired licensing agreements with both John Deere and Komatsu. Hmmmm…

Classic Metal Works

CMW has announced Fall, 2003 delivery of the newly tooled ’66 Ford Galaxy, ’78 Chevy Impala and a ’50s International truck. We expect them to be on display at the Chicago Hobby Show in September, 2003. Watch for them at your retailers!

Dennis Aust

Bob Leinbach from Box Car Hobbies announced Dennis Aust’s newest Kenworth truck kit – a C500A and brought along a beautifully built and detailed 4 axle dump based on the kit for us to view. The kit is available directly from Dennis Aust, from Box Car Hobbies, and now from Truck Stop Models as well.


Italeri news continues to be grim on the release front. By now we had all hoped for some news as to whether the 1/87th scale trucks would make their way to the broader European and North American markets, but alas, as time rolls on and the rumors abound, “slim to none” appears to be our chances for seeing a mass production release of these trucks in North America.

Jacobs Models

Jim and Jamie Groeneweg of Jacobs Models have announced both an International 9300 day cab and a Volvo VNL 420 sleeper cab are currently in production. Samples were shown at the conference and Jacobs Models had production models for sale at the Truck Stop Models booth at the show. Both models are offered for sale direct or exclusively through Truck Stop Models. Also announced were an International 9400 with a Pro Sleeper and a Volvo 660 and day cab version, both to be delivered soon.

Masterbilt Models

Masterbilt Models showed its Mack Vision pre-production models. Day cab and sleepered versions are both being planned with an interesting twist. You may be able to special order your kit to be completed to your specifications; color, sleeper, skirt size, day cab, etc. Stay tuned for more developments! Also shown was a GMC Brigadier resin cab.


In a strange twist, it appears that Boley may become the exclusive distributior for the new Volvo construction equipment announced by Motorart to be released in 1/87th scale. Because of Boley’s agreement with Hongwell for North American distribution rights, Boley will most likely be the North American source for the Hongwell-produced Volvo 1/87 models. Anticipated releases under the Volvo badge will include a 40 ton off-road dump vehicle, a wheel loader, a backhoe loader, an excavator and others.

Newgard Engineering, Inc.

A brand spanking new addition to the 1/87th scale bus scene is Newgard Engineering, Inc. of Ottawa, Ontario. Peter Newgard announced and showed pre-production samples of resin kits for both a 1936 Yellow Coach (GM) Model Z-CT-843 bus and a 1947 GM Model PDA-3703 bus. Welcome, Peter! Oh, and congratulations! (One of Peter’s buses won the bus category award at the show.) Expected completion of the resin kits is fall of this year with delivery to begin in the winter of ‘03/’04. You can contact Peter via e-mail at: [email protected] for further ordering information. We'll also have a front page announcement as soon as the kits are ready for sale.


Norscot’s first serious venture into 1/87th scale construction equipment has been immensely successful, and Norscot is positioning for another release in the future of more Caterpillar equipment in our scale. Announced and soon to be released is the Caterpillar 160H grader.

On-Trak Models

Since moving to the Chicago area recently, On-Trak’s production has slowed somewhat and availability of most products is spotty. Some retailers have limited stocks of On-Trak products.

Sheepscot Scale Products

A pre-production sample of the recently announced Landoll trailer was made available by Sheepscot for the press conference. The well detailed resin trailer assembly appears to be complimented by some mixed media details and will make a great addition to trailer collections and layouts. The kit will be available through your favorite retailer soon.

Sheepscot also was showing their newest truck tractor kit at the conference. This beautiful resin Mack B61 tractor model kit is distinctive with correct cab dimensions and windshield arrangement. The kit is available now through retailers.

Sheepscot also is announcing work on a generic ‘40s to ‘70s era fire truck pumper body. This should be an interesting addition to an already great lineup of models at Sheepscot.

Truck Stop Models

Trip Aiken from Truck Stop Models gave a short presentation and took questions regarding availability of certain 1/87th scale goodies via TSM. Here’s a synopsis of most of the presentation:

MFÖ resin fire truck kits are stocked with limited availability. MEK Greyhound Scenicruiser resin bus kits are back in stock. High Tech’s Lola T70 white metal kits have been ordered but no delivery date has been given yet. Resin Unlimited’s 80 ton lowboy is in stock at TSM. Boley International 7600 trucks are also in stock in many different body styles.

Trip also brought a sample of the new Resin Unlimited 80 ton 4 axle lowboy built up by Cheryl Aiken. The kit is very well detailed in resin and comes with separate marker lights, wheels and correct low profile tires and a dandy set of stainless steel photo-etched outriggers. It appears to be well worth the wait.

World Trains Unlimited

Alex Petkovic from WTU fielded some questions and gave a brief update of activity from our European friends in 1/87th scale manufacturing. Herpa’s much anticipated Liebherr excavator is expected to be released very soon, while Brekina and Wiking continue to offer more and more detailed models. Alex also explained how summer is usually spent releasing plastic from molds and fall and winter are spent assembling the models built in Europe. Releases typically are announced in mid to late fall by most of the European manufacturers. Busch’s Dodge Power Wagon is a big hit and the announced flatbed Power Wagon should be arriving this fall followed shortly by the military version.